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AFBackup Manager (Webmin Modul)


AFBackup Manager is a backup system that can be operated over the web that wants to be easy to use.

AFBackup Manager is a Webmin module for easy administration of backup tasks. It is a commercial frontend for the free backup tool afbackup. The focus of the frontend is simple, comprehensible operation. Unnecessary features are left asside. AFBackup Manager’s target users are SOHOs, that need a reliable, easy to use backup system which they can depend on. static Demo (instead of screenshots)


  • Integrated with Webmin, a web based system administration tool.
  • Editing of afbackup configuration files is not necessary but still possible.
  • Installation of automatic backups - both full and incremental.
  • Feature to start backups manualy.
  • Management of tapes and tape sets.
  • Complete restore in the same place or into a different directory.
  • Browsing of all stored files and restore of specific files.
  • Status display.
  • Requests to change a tape over email.
  • Context sensitive online help.


You can order AFBackup Manager full and update versions and at eSellerate: eSellerate Online Shop

System requirements

  • afbackup from version 3.3.7pl6 upwards
  • Linux kernel from version 2.4.20 upwards
  • preinstalled Webmin from version 0.9.2 upwards
  • Perl 5 with Proc::ProcessTable
  • A programm to access the tape drive (mt or mtx)
  • an installed, functioning SCSI tape drive (the purchase price does not include any support for the setup and installation of the tape drive)

Recommended software (not mandatory):

  • The timeout utility from the TCT toolkit. This is only necessary if you want to timeout tape status opertations because your tape/driver is too slow to respond.
  • The glob manpage from the manpages repository. Supplements the AFBM documentation.