Linux touch screen support

This is a collection with informations for using touch screens with Linux. Please send your corrections, input, feedback, etc. to

pi at sourcepole dot com


Driver Description citron Citron Infrared Touch devices dmc DMC FIT10-controller dynapro Dynapro elographics Elographics SmartSet serial controllers, with support for E281-2310 and compatible controllers microtouch MicroTouch (e.g. SMT3) mutouch MicroTouch serial controllers using firmware set 2. This includes (but may not be limited to) Serial/SMT3 and TouchPen controllers. palmax Palmax (TR88L803) touchscreen driver for the Palmax PD1000/PD1100 penmount PenMount (DMC9000?)

X Server (KDrive)

The freedesktop X Server aka Kdrive, formerly known as TinyX, is a trimmed down X server written by Keith Packard. It contains a generic touch screen driver, based on tslib. Please report supported Hardware!

  • iPAQ ?


Qt/Embedded Pointer Handling

Supported Hardware:

  • NEC Vr41XX
  • iPAQ

We developed a custom driver for the FIT-10 controller from DMC.

Other products with Linux drivers